Prices from € 4 500 till € 189 000 000. For an elegant and stylish gift, you should buy a watch, jewelry, or an authentic Swiss Army Knife. Roger is a little obsessed with travel. Copyright © 2020 by Expert World Travel. We are pleased to offer a range of property in Switzerland. Victorinox Swiss army knives make for the best gift for those people who are always repairing everything. If you are planning to come here and still searching for what to buy in Switzerland, here are the top 10 things to buy in Switzerland. Another iconic Swiss souvenir is their watches. In classic Swiss fashion, Lucerne offers you ample opportunities to indulge in some luxury goods shopping along with some cheap and cheerful souvenir shopping. Swiss watches are a world-renowned symbol of accuracy, ornate design, and craftsmanship. If you would like to use the photographs or images, please include a linkback with credits to With their elegant design and superior craftsmanship, Swiss watch brands have grown to become a brand to reckon with, boasting the strictly standardized “Swiss Made” description. So, come and take a look at what to buy in Lucerne, Switzerland. Renowned across Europe for the quality of its goods, Bucherer is an old family run business whose name has been known in the watchmaking and jewellery trade for over 100 years. Atlantis by Giardino, Wiedikon, Zurich, Switzerland. Whether you are a bit of an outdoorsman, or camper, or have a young son who loves tinkering with things, these make a great gift. Pre-owned or new cars on | Buy a car on - find cars of all make and models, pre-owned or new, online on Learn how your comment data is processed. While in Switzerland, you will realize that cowbells ring throughout the country especially in the summer. Time-keeping is of great concern for the Swiss people and this is why they go as far as buying large towering clocks. From the mountains to the vineyards, you will definitely want to bring home a memento from your journey. Did we miss anything? You may also want to consider a packaged Swiss fondue mix. The cowbells are available in Teddy’s souvenir shop, next to the church of Grossmünster in Zürich. Shopping for food items like pralines, chocolates and Swiss cakes should also be on your list of items to buy in Lucerne. Exceptional jewelry designers seem to flock to Switzerland. If you want to bring home a more rustic piece of Switzerland, consider a handcrafted cuckoo clock, cowbell, or a beer stein. Even though you might have tasted their cheese on a sandwich, none of that comes close to the ones here. If you love cheese, then Switzerland is like heaven with the great quality and wide variety of cheeses. And if you have time while you are in Switzerland, indulge yourself with a Chocolate Experience! Thanks to its stable and flourishing economy, the Swiss people have been able to create a variety of world-famous Swiss made products that you can find in most of its cities. In fact, you may be surprised to hear just how many famous watch brands manufacture their products in Switzerland. Switzerland has a series of laws in place to protect animals but the most peculiar legislation is related to guinea pigs — and why it’s illegal to own just one, reports said. They also come in a variety of sizes and designs. Swiss people are known for making the best, high-quality leather watches. Even the worldwide brands like Lindt and Nestle have different flavors there than in the US. And for the stylish gift and elegant gifts, people can buy a watch or the authentic Swiss … You will definitely want to search local shops for handmade or prepackaged chocolate goodies. If you are looking for your dream property in Switzerland, you have come to the right place! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to One of the best things to buy in Switzerland, as you may have guessed, is chocolate. Being nestled at the center of Europe specifically between Germany, France, and Austria, Switzerland is one of Europe’s most appealing destinations. These handy, little pocket tools date back to the late 1800s and contain a variety of tools. While in Switzerland I also picked up the flag representing Geneva, because of its unique and colorful design! Traditional handicrafts are some of the best things to buy in Switzerland. Switzerland certainly has its fair share of Swiss made products and you can certainly find most of them in cities like Zurich, Geneva or even Basel and Lausanne. The Swiss cowbells are made from pressed sheet metal known as Trychel, unlike the usual cast iron, which makes them have a distinct clank sound. For an elegant and stylish gift, you should buy a watch, jewelry, or an authentic Swiss Army Knife. Required fields are marked *. However, the culture is now being embraced by several countries all over Europe. What he doesn't know about travel, ain't worth knowing! Switzerland is an incredibly beautiful country. Find property in Switzerland with - the UK's number one property website. Switzerland is a heaven for cheese lovers thanks to its large variety of cheeses. Address: Bahnhofpl. Nowadays, the makers of this handy tool have now come up with several product lines including the infamous Cyber Tool which boasts of the product’s classic blades with the inclusion of a multi-head screwdriver and small pliers. Made from the high-quality Swiss leather, dog collars are today found in both traditional and modern versions of the original design. In fact, Swiss people boast of holding the record for the world’s highest per-capita for chocolate. For souvenirs, go with a dry, hard cheese as opposed to a soft, raw cheese. Swiss music boxes still maintain their classic style and the same function which include playing songs like the “Happy Wanderer” and “Edelweiss’’ via pins and metal cylinders. The country is said to have the best and sweetest cheese in the whole of Europe. Here, you will find that even those universal brands like Nestle exist in a large variety of flavors than what you see even in your country. From Rolex and Omega to Swatch and Cartier, you will be astounded to learn of a large number of watch companies that have manufactured their products here. Cuckoo clocks are arguably the most sought-after Swiss souvenirs thanks to their high quality, intricate, and careful craftsmanship. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The shop stores a variety of contemporary Swiss-made dog products that every dog lover will love. These are infused with spices, flowers, and herbs from the Alps. 15, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland To purchase these wonderful souvenirs for dog lovers, head over to Sternenstrasse 74 where you will find a boutique called “The House of Dog”. Alta Terra is a family-based business in Switzerland that produces locally flavored vinegar, salts, honey, oils, and a variety of other food products. The only difference is that there is a large selection available today. Privacy Policy, Follow @,, Duck Down Vs. Other items that make great gifts are hand-carved wooden toys, hand-blown glassware, textiles, flags, and music boxes. Traditional Swiss foods like chocolate, cheese, and wine make wonderful souvenirs for yourself or for your friends. Apart from being famous for making watches, Switzerland is also known for making very intricate music boxes.

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