Check out “How Can Voice Control Benefit the Hospitality Industry?” for further details. A respondent said that this “has to be considered in branding, but beware of green-washers: consumers are now well-aware that window-dressing exists, and they will not buy it.”. Hospitality Industry - All Your Questions Answered, Associate Professor of Finance at EHL Lausanne, Got a story to share? These respondents refer to the impact of the sharing economy and the tendency of today’s customers to avoid traditional hotels. © 2020 Ecole hôtelière de lausanne, Switzerland, all rights This standpoint is reinforced by the increasing importance of technology in the hospitality industry and the power that technology firms are acquiring. A respondent elaborates: Major technology firms will replace most hotel brands, because they can offer technology solutions and create markets to attract customers. Read “Contactless Payments Are Becoming More Important Within Hospitality” for more information. Those in the hospitality industry need to get to grips with the increased number of questions customers will have about coronavirus and restrictions within accommodation and restaurants too. Read “Reasons Why Every Hotel Needs a Hotel Chatbot” to learn a whole lot more. For this reason, sustainability has been one of the most noticeable hospitality trends of recent times, with a growing number of hospitality businesses promoting their eco-friendliness. Third, they have built solid relations with travelers. I can use the information for my career. Find more detailed information and examples of artificial intelligence use cases in the hospitality industry in the article “How to use Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry”. Instead, they want to experience an authentic way of life in the location they visit. “The hospitality industry in 10-15 years will look significantly different than what we know today. Of course, takeaways do produce more waste, so try to use suitable packaging, that can be ethically disposed of. Those who can't identify their niche will become the money machines for technology companies. This is further reinforced by the fact that lodging properties listed on Airbnb do not necessarily have to comply with the same rules and regulations than traditional hotels. Chatbots are another of the major hospitality trends linked with customer service and can be especially useful for delivering swift responses to questions, even when human staff are unavailable. In simple terms, a smart hotel is a hotel that makes use of internet-enabled devices, which are capable of sending data to one another. A respondent said “Older generations think about hotels and car rentals. The hospitality industry has been undergoing tremendous changes and disruptions over the last two decades. You can read more detailed information and examples about how smart hotel rooms can benefit your hotel in the articles “Smart Hotel Room; What Are the Benefits for Hotel Owners and Guests” and “7 Ways to Transform a Hotel Room Into a Smart Room”. “Hygiene is the New Marketing Message for Hotels”, Contactless Payments Are Becoming More Important Within Hospitality”, “How Can Voice Control Benefit the Hospitality Industry?”, “Hotel Robots: An Overview of Different Robots Used in Hotels”, “Examples of Robots Being Used in the Hospitality Industry”, “Reasons Why Every Hotel Needs a Hotel Chatbot”, “Mobile Check-In App for Hotels: What Are The Benefits?”, “5 Ways Personalisation Marketing Can Benefit the Hospitality Industry”, “Smart Hotel Room; What Are the Benefits for Hotel Owners and Guests”, “7 Ways to Transform a Hotel Room Into a Smart Room”, The Hard Truth About Revenue Management Right Now (+5 Do’s and Don’ts). Nice blog, you provide some important information. uses functional and analytical cookies. Many of the biggest hospitality trends are concerned with reducing friction and contactless payments have been one of the biggest examples of this. Their demand, of course, has a big impact on the offer. “Attracting, developing and keeping the right talent into and within the hospitality industry remains a core challenge.”. This can be crucial for moving these people from the planning stage to actually committing to a visit. While the hospitality industry itself is diverse, the ten trends cited in this article apply to many different aspects of it, and can help to improve the customer experience. This will be accompanied by increased regulation as a response to a disproportional increase in tourist flows in some places (e.g. This can also reduce the number of surfaces guests touch too. However, there are additional uses for artificial intelligence technology too. It is essential that these concepts are a priority for hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. In many cases, this can lead to first contact resolutions, but the chatbot can also gather information and pass it on to a human rep if required. Within the accommodation sector, there are also decisions to be made about using more sustainable materials for things like towels and bedsheets. The hospitality industry is competitive, and businesses need to keep up with the latest hospitality trends to avoid being left behind. Apps, in particular, are increasingly important in the way hoteliers manage the services they provide to their customers and can now control many aspects of the guest cycle and experience. reserved. Explaining these steps could be the difference between generating bookings and having customers look elsewhere. It however induces additional complexity and potential agency problems, explaining the emergence of new  types of jobs, such as asset managers. The separation between the management of operations and real-estate assets now allows hospitality companies to focus on their core business, thus improving efficiencies. Professionals use our marketing, revenue management, technology and software insights, strategies and actionable tips to get inspired, optimise revenue, innovate processes and improve customer experience. The hospitality industry is diverse and includes everything from hotels and other accommodation types, through to restaurants, bars, travel agents and tour operators.

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