Dangerous things to avoid. There are lots of things you’ve got to consider before building or acquiring a treehouse. When I saw one while surfing the internet I was instantly hooked. Motion in trees from the wind can generate incredible power due to the action of leverage lower down the tree trunk. If you want to build a tree house for the kids in your own garden, you must consider many things. Flexible joints allow the tree to move relative to the treehouse and are used in instances where more than one point will hold up a horizontal support, for example between two trees. A tree house can be a fun getaway for kids. Building a tree house for children in garden- Useful tips and ideas Every child dreams of his own tree house - a realm to play and quiet place for reading. The tree you are using will not stay the same forever. As the builder you are ultimately responsible for the safety of anyone working on, playing in or occupying the treehouse. Find a section where the trunk separates into a “V” shape, and build your platform in this area, with 4 points anchoring the base to the tree. When designers want to get serious about building a treehouse, they often seek out Pete Nelson. SUPPORT THE TREE HOUSE. Among the important factors are the types of trees in your yard, the strength of the trees, and of course, the preference of your kid/kids. Prior to building your tree house frame and tree attachment, two things to consider with tree houses are that trees grow and trees sway in the wind. You might consider contracting our design services and/or purchasing our plans, and then hiring a local contractor to build the treehouse. But just the idea of it may make some parents a little nervous. He’s been designing and building treehouses most of his life, has a show on Animal Planet called Treehouse Masters, runs Nelson Treehouse and Supply, and teaches workshops to designers and builders all over the world on the ins and outs of treehouse design and construction. As you will no doubt know, building a treehouse presents various situations in which you can hurt yourself or others. We've supported many clients in building their dream treehouses without making use of our full-scale design and build service. Here are a few things to consider before getting a tree house built in your backyard: Treehouse on Two Trees: I live in a place with many pine trees - every garden or back yard has at least two - but had never seen or heard about treehouses. At first, I spent half a year gathering all the inf… The trunks and branches will continue to grow, and your construction should accommodate the growth. To build a simple and safe treehouse, start by choosing a healthy, sturdy tree that can support your planned structure.

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