Please. I'm impressed on how simmilar the Telefunken U47 and the Slate VMS are!!! A big thank you must be said to Nick Zermeño and Luke Homay of Homay Productions for their top quality video production and creativity. Hire them. Putting a premium on the quality of the recording techniques used, quality of the room and signal chain, we've put together a brand new U47 shootout that puts the focus back on hearing the microphones as they were intended. With the flagship Telefunken reproduction of the U47 for $8995 right next to the $999 Slate Virtual Microphone System running their U47 emulation, the results of this shootout are sure to be interesting. I don't understand the thinking, but anyway thanks for the effort. The Telefunken U47 tube condenser microphone comes with amazing features that makes it suitable for low frequent handling and classical recordings. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. The exclusion of an actual vintage U47 renders this shootout almost pointless. haha. Three great singers, singing a great song, in harmony. Advice to fledgling engineers: Just rent the original for a few days for a few hundred bucks and try it for yourself. Thanks for this in-depth report/comparison. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. Careful Control They are relied on by the most successful and respected engineers in America. To me these mics (at least on this test) sound scaringly similar to a point that a 999$ mic could be easily confused with the big boys. Sold! Slate was in the middle of the pack for me, which is good enough to justify the $999. Special Thanks 3. And I totally understand why there was no vintage mic in this shootout :). Three voices activate more characteristics of each microphone to give you more information per second than a single voice or instrument might. And, it gets closer to demonstrating the cumulative result of recording many tracks with each microphone, which you are quite likely to do when you buy one! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We have all of them in great condition at Vintage Studio Rentals (818)994-4849, The fact that you folks could not agree in a clear favorite reinforces my belief that these are just tools that in good hands could sound great. It took months to wait for one, but it really was worth it. I had a feeling you wouldn't post my comments..I thought I'd test whether this was objective...these companies are getting almost there but still need improvement and honest discourse is helpful to this.. The Telefunken jumped out as my favorite both times I listened on closed-back headphones. Este micrófono es una belleza totalmente un clásico. And, it gets closer to demonstrating the cumulative result of recording many tracks with each microphone, which you are quite likely to do when you buy one! Hire them. Great Idea! ), Well... it actually is very interesting to hear vocal harmonies through the different microphones. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. I'm pretty sure they can handle a keyboard warrior or 2. But if you haven't worked with the original, you're doing yourself a disservice. Once you've used the original you'll understand what all these imitations are after. Three-part Harmony Would love to know what you guys that actually sang and recorded opinions of each mic was. than a single voice or instrument might. 6. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. Flea 47 EF12 with F7 capsule 6. It seems I wasn't the only one asking, as he was quick to tell me that after extensive listening at Sweetwater, comparing new U47 clones to a beautifully maintained original U47, the Telefunken was clearly the closest match. Terms and Conditions | Privacy and Security | Accessibility. I liked the Telefunken U47 best, and then the Wunder Audio Mics. There is no perfect way to test such things. Microphones (all standard, unmodified versions) The vocals on it all seemed to sit together and be more in-tune with each other somehow, as well as warmer. [1] Since Telefunken ceased production of VF 14 tubes in 1957, the U 47 was discontinued in 1965 and followed by the U 47 FET in 1969; it employed the same capsule ( K 47 ) and a similar head grille but used solid-state circuitry (discrete op-amps). On a side note, I sometimes record at a studio that has a Lawson L47, and while it sounds good, I can always tell it's not a real U47 and it kinda bugs me. I get that. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time, but why use 3 singers in harmony. Neumann U 47 FET Condenser Microphone Collector's Edition. I just wonder one thing - Why no Peluso U47 Clone in the mix?

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