A recent study found that a third of ankle sprain sufferers were still having pain a year later and at three years, 25% were still in pain. The best thing a patient can do is to be seen by someone who specializes in foot and ankle care as soon as an injury occurs. Later the sprain may heal, but these conditions can continue to be painful and may even require surgery if left unaddressed. Instability "My ankle gives way" is probably the second most common leftover problem with ankle sprains after the sinus tarsi syndrome. Hi, about 6 years ago (2011), I rolled my left ankle in a small hole on a field during track practice. An ankle sprain may result in damage to the surface of the ankle joint or to structures around the ankle joint. In the following 3 years, i sprained my ankle 3 more times, each moderate sprains. Also read: Sprained ankle: Mechanism of injury, diagnosis and initial treatment of an ankle sprain It takes time, patience and following your doctor’s instructions. This story originally appeared on 7online.com. After that, did 2 separate rounds of pt which seemed fairly effective. Went to the doc, no broken bones but a moderate sprain. This could lead to the development of persistent pain and swelling in the ankle, which does not settle despite a course of physiotherapy or rest. If you have suffered a sprained ankle that just doesn’t seem to be getting better, watch this video to learn two common reasons people still have ankle pain weeks after an ankle sprain and what you could do in each scenario. When asked “why my ankle sprain won’t heal,” the simple answer is this: it will heal.

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