Malay Translation. Find more Tamil words at! Find more Marathi words at! Here are 2 possible meanings. scatter meaning in marathi. shock: धक्का: survives: जिवंत आहे: southern: दक्षिणेकडील: smart: हुशार: size: आकार: same: त्याच: spare: अतिरिक्त: sometime: कधीतरी: seed: बियाणे: sense: अर्थ: shifted: स्थलांतरि Here's how you say it. Spanish words for scattered include disperso, diseminado, intermitente, dispersados, esparció, esparcidos, disperses, dispersos, esparcida and dispersa. scatter: स्कॅटर : More word meaning. scattered, Marathi translation of scattered, Marathi meaning of scattered, what is scattered in Marathi dictionary, scattered related Marathi | मराठी words If you ask a first-grade student what's in air, the answer will probably be one word: nothing. bertaburan More Malay words for scatter. Marathi words for scatter-brained include निष्काळजी and अत्यंत चंचल. Tamil words for scattered include சிதறு, சிதறலான and சிதறுண்ட. How to say scattered in Malay What's the Malay word for scattered? Here's a list of translations. Need to translate "scattered around" to Marathi? menabur verb: scatter: berselerak noun, verb: scattered, clutter, disperse: bertebaran: scattered: Find more words! Need to translate "विखुरलेला व्यक्ती" (Vikhuralēlā vyaktī) from Marathi? Introduction and Definition of Scattering.

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