Christians today take it for granted that God is our Father, but few people stop to think what this name really means. We should not reverse this picture and say our relationship to God is a reflection of earthly fathers. Our Father God lavishes love on his children. We know that Jesus taught his disciples to pray “Our Father” and that the Aramaic word Abba (“Father”) is one of the few that Jesus used and that it has remained untranslated in our New Testament. As His children we experience His love. He’s the only One who can work so powerfully, that He can take all of our hurts, and turn them around for good somehow. Jesus said “you are of your father the devil. As His children we acknowledge Him as our Father, for we have an experiential knowledge of God. Another benefit of being a child of God is to share in the inheritance of the Father. Let's see how our Father does what is best for us even though that doesn't mean that He will give us everything that we want. When a father properly fulfills his role in the family, he is fulfilling a picture of the heavenly Father’s relationship to his children. Here are 10 ways to understand how God is the perfect Father. This was the dispute our Lord had with the Pharisees who thought that just because they were born Jewish that they were children of Abraham, that they were therefore the children of God. Help your kids recognize that this is just a glimpse of God’s role in our lives. The role of God as our Father reveals the kind of love He has for us. He loves us with a perfect, deep, continual love that cannot be stopped. In the model prayer, God is referred to as our Father. A Father’s Role. We put our trust and faith in Him who loves us, provides for us, and protects us as our earthly fathers should. He knows where we’ve walked, and He’s able to heal each wounded heart and broken place. If we do that, we are making God follow our earthly example. God our Father sees every pain and struggle. So Jesus says, “If you fallen fathers know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts, and supremely the good gift of the Holy Spirit, to those who ask him.” 3. This was a unique concept to those that Jesus dealt with at the time, but a well understood concept now. God is Father over creation, a personal father to those who come to him through grace, and is the loving father of Jesus Christ. We all mess up, but our true Father is constantly on watch for our return, running to us with joy when we turn back to His family ( Luke 15:11-32 ). He is the ultimate model of forgiveness.

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