Not a second time You know you made me cry I see no use in wondering why I cry for you And now you've changed your mind I see no reason to change mine I cry It's through You're giving me the same old line I'm wond'ring why You hurt me then You're back again No, no, no Not a second time Not a second time Not a second ti'e No, no, no, no, no The Beatles | songs: The Beatles: Top 3. Lyrics to Not a Second Time by Robert Palmer from the Shared Vision: The Songs of the Beatles album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Help Children with Cancer Donate. Artist: The Beatles. Highlight. Album: The U.S. Albums. SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Not a second time Yoy know you made me cry, I see no use in wond'ring why, I cried for you. Qui traduit ? Michelle: Commentaires. Collections avec « Not a Second Time » 1. 1. Not a Second Time (stereo) Lyrics. The Beatles - Not a Second Time (stereo) Lyrics. Heyo! Hey Jude: 3. RIFF-it good. Oh, you're giving me the same old line, I'm wond'ring why, You hurt me then, you're back again, No, no, not a second time. And now, you've changed your mind, I see no reason to change mine, I cried, it's through, oh. MariusIonescu88. Vous devez vous identifier ou créer un compte pour écrire des commentaires; Children's Day. Yesterday: 2. Review: RIFF-it. The Beatles | With The Beatles (1963) 2.

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