Details Price £1318 Contact Sennheiser UK 01628 402200 Web The TLM49 sounds amazing on the right male and female vox. Neumann TLM67 SetZ Large-Diaphragm Microphone is a pro mic provided by Neumann company. (I’ve used an M49 quite a bit over the years and there’s no doubting its doppelganger credentials.) In my case, the TLM sits better in the mix. October 21, 2020 Music Background: Former Pro Musician, Current Hobbyist. What I like most about it the 3-directional modes features that are omnidirectional , cardioid and figure-8. Sort By Date Sort By Rating Write Your Review. I've had this mic for six years for my home studio, and I love it for vocals. Telegram. It is designed primarily as a vocal mic, with a sound inherited from the U47 and M49 microphones (both of which also used the K47 capsule). The TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone with Neumann’s K47 capsule. I have previously recorded with this mic in several professional broadcast studios in Berlin and Bonn, so I have an idea how my voice sounds doing voiceover and radio work, but not singing. The TLM 107 promises the ultimate in flexibility without compromising that Neumann tone. Facebook. The 87 was just too shrill sounding on the high end. 1 Review written. Jsax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Neumann TLM 49 YES" 5. Then again, I have heard some nice recordings done with the newer 87's as well. I use it for rock/blues/pop. Neumann TLM 49 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. After reading, checking forums and researching, I pulled the trigger and got this big baby! Twitter. WhatsApp. The TLM 67 microphone can support sounds pressure levels of up to 105 dB without any kind of distortion, it also has a dynamic range of 94 dB , without the use of the pre-attenuation feature. It also works well on strings. In a sense AKG’s C414 really blazed the trail for compact, multi … I operate: singing, sound and even taking instruments and Yes! 13th January 2015. Great vocal mic . And indeed I have tried several micro before. -Technology: - Sensor pressure gradient, using the capsule of the legendary U Cardioid. Neumann TLM 107 Review. 22.07.2016 . This mic is kind of versatile very interested. OVERALL OPINION I use it for 3 years! Share. Michael Leake from Albuquerque, NM. I can't speak to the vintage U87, but I chose the TLM49 over the u87ai. Email. REVIEW The ‘retro’ design of the new Neumann TLM 49 is unmistakably reminiscent of the legendary Neumann M49, with its bulky girth, its chunky ‘open’ grille and its substantial weight and size. I'm what would probably best be classified as a baritenor. Neumann TLM 49. Huw Price tests… Advertisement.

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