1189082Art and Christianity was formerly known as Art and Christianity Enquiry (ACE), Pietro Annigoni: Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ceri Richards: All Souls and All Saints windows, John Maddison: Altar and Reredos for Lady Chapel, Charles Lutyens: Angels of the Heavenly Host, John Hayward: Interior murals of St Michael and All Angels, Alison Wilding: Font, drinking fountain and garden fountain, Charles Gurrey: A Tribute to Wilfred Owen, Wally Gilbert: Crosses, ciborium and baptismal shell, Graeme Mortimer Evelyn: Reconciliation Reredos, Bill Viola and Kira Pirov: Martyrs (Earth, air, fire and water), Shona McInnes: Oil Industry Chapel Stained Glass Window, Beryl Dean: Chasuble and stole (part of a Festal Set), Marc Chagall: Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, Susan Riley: Reredos and High Altar frontal, Rebecca Hind: Scintilla: the glittering speck, Adam Kossowski: Sgraffito murals of the Book of Revelation, Tom Denny: South Ambulatory Chapel windows, Anne Vibeke Mou: Untitled (window for St John's Healey), Marc Chagall: Stained glass windows at Tudeley, Sergei Fyodorov: St John the Baptist's Frescoes, Graham Sutherland: The Crucifixion (St Aidan's), Sophie Hacker: Winchester Enthronement Copes, Graham Sutherland: The Crucifixion (St Matthews), Ceri Richards: Windows, tabernacle and reredos, Adrian Wiszniewski: The House Built on Rock, Charles Jagger: The Kelham Rood (Christ, The Blessed Virgin Mary and St John), Antonia Hockton: The River of Life reredos, Duncan Grant: The Victory of Calvary (or Crucifixion), Maggi Hambling: The Winchester Tapestries. Traditions and Revisions: Themes from the History of Sculpture. His drawings of evacuees sleeping in tube stations gained notoriety in the United States, leading to many commissions and exhibitions there. https://piction.clevelandart.org/cma/ump.di?e=FA844A0AAD3352D4F0CFF6142B116D1F93119C5124DA3BF9BCEE34629A1487A1&s=21&se=433071129&v=&f=1972.51_o2.jpg, https://piction.clevelandart.org/cma/ump.di?e=087DB31B66847A1B7EF38003A95262A50A7CA276D9DCCF01E1E857145CC991CB&s=21&se=433071129&v=1&f=%5C1972.51det01_o2.jpg, https://piction.clevelandart.org/cma/ump.di?e=63E4728E8A6EE77FCC7AB571B083328AD69C1748CA0A7BCFF5F6A71E526B6F2C&s=21&se=433071129&v=1&f=%5C1972.51det02_o2.jpg, https://piction.clevelandart.org/cma/ump.di?e=63E4728E8A6EE77F44A8FF6ECDE4212EFB0CAB6DE72B465B21ED095485879D7A&s=21&se=433071129&v=1&f=%5C1972.51det03_o2.jpg, https://piction.clevelandart.org/cma/ump.di?e=63E4728E8A6EE77F222F9AA04D296F4F14CD408B7FE4F002346A88925B32F740&s=21&se=433071129&v=1&f=%5C1972.51det04_o2.jpg, https://piction.clevelandart.org/cma/ump.di?e=5B64D0431B122964FC8593B91634DE1AA6CBB1301A5690C58903495546260BF2&s=21&se=433071129&v=1&f=%5C1972.51det05_o2.jpg, Download the free ArtLens App available in the. Please email help.website@clevelandart.org. The ‘Madonna and Child’ was carved in Italy by Michelangelo Buonarotti (° Caprese, 1475 - † Rome, 1564) around 1503. This is a fantastic vintage piece of devotional art. The sculpture is in Hornton stone and was carved for the church by Moore in 1943-44. Little is known of his life or career. A large body of other statues and reliefs that were unquestionably produced in Andrea's workshop survive. From shop ShabbyBrocante ... Madonna with Child, Virgin with Child Sculpture, Montserrat Sculpture, Resin Sculpture LolaVintageSpain. Official website: http://www.henry-moore-fdn.co.uk, Circular Altar (1972), travertine marble, 255cm, St Stephen Walbrook; Madonna and Child (1948-49), Hornton stone, 122cm, St Mary's Barham; Single Standing Figure (1981), travertine marble, height 246.5cm, Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban (on loan from Henry Moore Foundation); Mother and Child: Hood (1983), travertine marble, height 183cm, St Paul's Cathedral ; Head of King and Queen(1953), Corsham stone, height 35.5cm, St Andrew Much Hadham; Hand Relief No.

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