You can discuss hobbies, support groups, exercise regimens and other ways you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Example: “I had a situation while working in the ER at a small hospital. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. In other settings, I have been able to offer comfort measures to patients like extra pillows or help with the television while they wait for their doctor to arrive. Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your work as a Nurse? I spent a couple of minutes asking about his pets at home and brought him an extra snack. You’ve put a lot of effort into your job search. 7. Your response to this question should demonstrate your hard skills, like your knowledge of how to address specific medical situations and soft skills such as teamwork and adaptability. Be prepared for many different types of questions. What They Want to Know: This question can reveal if you're a complainer or have a bad attitude. How to Answer Scenario-Based Nursing Interview Questions By: Lisa Fields. Example: “In my role at City Hospital in obstetrics and gynecology, I remember a patient who was experiencing pain during pregnancy. Speak confidently, and share relevant anecdotes from your career. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. Interviewers may ask technical questions, as well as questions about how you'd interact with colleagues and patients. I always take patients seriously when they tell me about discomfort.”, Read more: Interview Question: "Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?". How would you deal with a family member who isn't happy with your care of the patient? What's your approach for communicating with a family that doesn't speak your language well? ", 10 Nursing Interview Questions and Answers. Here are more questions interviewers might have about how you handle those interactions. Everyone has bad days. How do you handle that with them? Some other questions nurses may hear during interviews include: Taking care of a patient often means a lot of time spent with the patient's family, so that’s often a focus during the interview. Unless it's my role to diagnose, I wouldn't do so. During a nursing interview, your interviewer will ask you questions that give you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, knowledge and skills related to interacting with and caring for others in a fast-paced environment. Plan your interview outfit in advance, for instance, and plot out how you'll get to the interview destination. Your response to this question is a great opportunity to emphasize that you seek opportunities to advance your skills. It is important to have a clear explanation of how you handle the emotionally and physically demanding aspects of your job. Tips on How to Answer Retail Interview Questions, Best Answers for the Most Common Job Interview Questions, Why Do You Want to Work Here? How do you handle a family's questions that are outside of your purview? It was the end of my long shift, and I was ready to go home. What They Want to Know: As you share what drew you to nursing, look for opportunities to highlight characteristics that make you a good fit for the field. One night, a patient approached me to say he had been waiting for his medication for 20 minutes. Acknowledge the stress, but keep the focus of your response on your coping mechanisms. Essentially, interviewers want to know if you want this particular job or any job at all. Some solutions you can offer to this situation include contacting your replacement while you stay for a couple of minutes beyond your shift or finding someone else to cover the responsibilities before your coworker arrives. Does the person need some validation? While it would have been convenient for him to get feedback from me, it is always best to treat patients in a holistic, professional manner so we have all the right information to do what is best for patients.”. Make sure you administer any medication properly according to schedule and provide extra resources that might help make the patient more comfortable. Describe a situation with a family where you had issues with poor communication. The STAR technique can be helpful to keep in mind during professional interviews. How do you deal with a family that isn't following care instructions? What They Want to Know: Nurses often need to do both—work independently and also collaboratively. I think the most difficult part of being a nurse is when I have a patient that is very unhappy, or in a lot of pain, and I can't comfort them to the degree I'd like to. It turned out that the patient had Alzheimer's disease, and his attending nurse had given him the medication already. We were able to correct the prescription and provide the patient with the right treatment.”. This article highlights questions you may encounter during a nursing interview so you can fully demonstrate your qualifications for the job. Instead, keep it positive, using your response to highlight positive attributes in your resume and personality. Did the doctor not explain the prognosis clearly? Consider forming responses to interview questions using this method in order to provide structure and authenticity to your answers: Situation: Explain the background of your example. As a medical professional, you may encounter friends who seek your advice on what to do about their medical concerns. With every question, interviewers want to determine what kind of employee you will make, and whether you would be a good fit for the company and the position. prepared and confident for your interview, concrete example that shows you've got the qualifications, good fit for the company and the position, Would you describe yourself as organized? If you can share a concrete example that shows you've got the qualifications the interviewer is seeking, you'll up your chances of getting a job offer. How do you handle that? I feel our team did a great job observing our patients and reporting the incidents.". Keep your answers focused on your assets and project a positive image. For a strong answer, discuss your ability to collaborate, your in-depth knowledge of nursing procedures and your attention to detail. What do you do when family members usurp time you need to allocate to other patients? 1. Best Job Interview Answers: What Made You Choose Nursing? What They Want to Know: This is a lead-in for you to talk about your strengths as a nurse. I was new to the hospital at the time, so I checked in with his nurse before deciding to provide it myself. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Just by sitting in the waiting room, it's clear to me that this practice has a patient-first priority. Example: “In my last position in the ICU at City Hospital, I could not find my replacement one night. After I told him that I could not give him a diagnosis outside of the clinic where I worked, he finally made an appointment to see the doctor there. Do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team? I learned to look beyond patients' attitudes for underlying concerns.”. What's your approach for dealing with families who want to talk about death? What do you find difficult about being a nurse? But, I would try to dig in a bit and figure out why the patient's family member was inquiring. Here are some options: Be sure to dress appropriately, know your worth, and understand the requirements of the position you are interested in. Throughout the day, our team worked together and communicated to each other if we needed help or a break. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, What to Wear: The Best Job Interview Attire, Interview Question: "What are You Passionate About? Make sure to keep your response reasonable and positive (now's not the time to badmouth a colleague). Even though I was falling behind in my scheduled care of other patients, I sat down with him to ask how he was feeling. Be honest in your response, but avoid being negative about either work style. How did you resolve it? ", Interview Question: "What is your Teaching Philosophy? You can use examples from past work experience if you'd like. Your patients are often facing difficult situations, which can affect their attitudes.

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