However, it doesn’t specify their standards for quality of life, access to the outdoors or the quality of food and drugs administered. What an eggcellent trick! The market form of eggs is as follows: Shelled eggs grades A and B (fresh) Bulk whole eggs (fresh and frozen and dried) Bulk egg whites (fresh and frozen) Bulk yolks (fresh and frozen) Eggs; Showing all 4 results. Additionally, some states will require producers to complete applications in order to sell eggs at market. $7.99 / lb. Most states require that the eggs come from hens in your direct care, and large-scale flocks — more than 3,000 hens — are usually subject to the egg safety rules of the USDA. What free-ranging looks like in practice is that many thousands of birds are tightly packed into a large warehouse and have access to the outdoors through a single, chicken-sized pop door. Cage-free is simply that: The birds that laid these eggs were not confined to cages. The Fresh Market. The internal grading process looks at the egg’s quality through a process called candling: By shining a light into the egg, the candler is able to view the contents and grade accordingly. $9.99 / lb. Pastured, or pasture-raised, on the other hand, means the birds were raised on grass and had access to the natural world, implying they were able to forage on grass, weeds, seeds and bugs, a scene we all hope is the genesis of our eggs. 4.2 oz. Some good ones include #localfood, #fresheggs, #farmfresh and any that indicate your town or region. Organic is a certification given to a wide variety of foods by the USDA. Please try again. The bloom, if you’ll allow us to speak farm for a moment, is the very thin, nearly imperceptible protective membrane that exists over the shell of a freshly laid egg. Eggs that are going to be kept in the fridge will do well in a carton but are best in a sealable container, like this Rubbermaid one from Amazon, to ensure no other smells, tastes or bacteria can make their way into the shells. While it might seem counterintuitive to cozy up to the competition, good relationships with other egg farmers is going to be critical for success: They’re an invaluable resource, a reliable recommendation and sometimes can even become good friends. According to the USDA, free-range means that the birds were able to move about freely and were not confined to cages; the rules state that the birds must have access to the outdoors, but there are no space requirements. Rated 5 out of 5. by Mrs Muhammad; Product tags. “We were persistent about trying to get into good markets; we put our time in at slower markets in order to prove that we’re reliable and have great products, and that got us into the busier markets.”. As you begin to market your eggs, build a customer base and profit from your sales, it’s important to keep up with the subtle shifts in labels and what they truly mean. Newsletter Sign Up (Get Updates of deals and prices.) Add to Cart . Either way, they need to be kept in the fridge to protect them—and you—for a whole half a year. As a small-scale producer, you must be able to differentiate between these terms, even if it makes your head spin at first, so you can better inform your customers and let them know exactly where your flock falls on the spectrum. The site suggests eating eggs within two weeks after harvesting because they’ll taste better, but they note that there’s no harm in leaving an egg with its bloom intact outside of the fridge for four whole weeks. If you can’t remember how long your eggs have been sitting in the fridge—farm fresh or store bought—the best way to test them out is via the water trick. There is error while submitting your request. $1.49 / ea ($0.35/oz) Add to Cart . The more air and the less liquid inside, the more likely the egg is to float and the older it is. By and large, many customers prefer a quality product they can feel good about and that tastes wonderful over a product that looks good and has flashy packaging. It’s important to note that all of these terms, according to the USDA regulations for large egg-producers and factory farms, still allow beak cutting and starvation-based forced molting, a process where birds are prompted to molt rapidly so they can return to egg production as quickly as possible. Some states require the completion of an egg handler’s registration, such as California, which also includes a $75 fee. How To Market & Sell Your Farm Fresh Eggs. Post to social media, and be sure to use hashtags to attract those searching. Price. May We Suggest. $2.19 / ea ($0.18/ct) Add to Cart . The Fresh Market Cranberry Relish. The Fresh Market Margherita Flatbread Pizza. The Fresh Market Cage-Free Omega-3 Grade A Extra Large Brown Eggs. Advertise through flyers on bulletin boards at areas of worship, your place of employment and even your children’s school. Do your birds free-range? Please let us know a convenient time to call you on, (*All time slots are available in CDT zone.). But Driver and Salmon have been smart about the way they sell their eggs. If your enterprise isn’t quite as large as a working farm, your customer base might be smaller. The Fresh Market Large Chicken Egg Roll. Free-range and pastured (or pasture-raised) are often used interchangeably, though they have very different meanings. Any eggs that have lost their bloom and need to be refrigerated as soon as you get home will last for six months too, according to The Happy Chicken Coop. It’s the barrier between the eggshell, which is porous and susceptible to germs and bacteria, and all the good stuff on the inside. As a local egg shopper before keeping chickens myself, I mourned with my farmers when they shared their losses; I got excited with them when they started keeping new breeds of chickens or experienced long-hoped-for successes. Gardens. $2.49 / ea ($0.21/ct) Add to Cart . But chances are, you aren’t keeping flocks of that size and your hens are in your direct daily care. Free-range! If the egg sinks to the bottom and lies on its side, it’s still very fresh. You’re probably quite familiar with jumbo and extra-large eggs, but there are also large, medium, small and peewee egg classifications. Some of the interior qualities to look for include the size or presence of an air pocket, the quality of the yolk and any blood spots or blemishes. So, in most cases, grading, sizing and packaging is relatively simple. May We Suggest . Interestingly, eggs are not sized by individuals, but rather by the total carton weight of a full dozen.

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