They must also evaluate their area of specialization and identify if there is a market for them and who their competitors will be. They achieve this by coming up with a vision or refining an existing idea. This has helped catapult careers to the very top of the organisation. Thereafter they provide the data needed to make many of those decisions with an eye towards the best possible product outcome. In my opinion, the MBA has additional value to offer in terms of exposure to other successful people and development of leadership skills and these benefits are valuable not only engineers … Typical careers include management consultant and finance. An engineering manager is responsible for supervising the engineering department, coordinating production plans, and researching new procedures and products that they can use in future products. To learn more about the career benefits of an MBA or other graduate management degree, download our infographic (pdf). Best Career choices for engineering graduates in MBA Success does not need something more than the blind determination to reach the destination. Engineering managers are expected to combine their technical and business skills, acting as a bridge for both worlds within the organisation. … October 5, 2013 In addition to the skills and experience you'll gain in your business school program, taking advantage of your school's active alumni network, career services support, and fellow students will go a long way toward boosting your career prospects and helping you land your next job. Brought to you by GMAC, the global mission-driven organization of leading graduate business schools. 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DuPont is a leading multinational chemical company that is often identified as a world leader in market-driven innovations and science. A product manager designs an experiment to either validate or refute assumptions about what the customer and market want. In recent years, costs for higher education have well outpaced the rate of inflation, and the MBA degree is no exception. According to the US Bureau Labor of Statistics, engineering managers hold one of the highest paying MBA jobs, earning a median annual wage of $119,260. They also determine staffing, training, and equipment requirements and propose budgets for programs and projects. Upon graduation, most engineering students are well equipped with technical capabilities after spending years of instruction in school. Engineering managers are expected to guide their teams from product creation to completion. While this is a rewarding profession, it is not for everyone. Industrial Production Manager. After drawing up a business plan and acquiring funding, they will have to work hard to market the engineering firm and identify projects they can service. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is in charge of company strategy, overseeing all the employees in an organization, making all major business decisions and ensuring the company’s performance at all times. The managers are also expected to able to compromise, persuade, negotiate and be well-rounded. Engineering Manager. Employers of large plants look for managers who have a MBA due to the large number of responsibilities. admin moved into management consulting with an MBA, About The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). They coordinate the resources and activities required to produce millions of goods every year within the country. One of the most basic analyses for balancing out the worth of the all-mighty MBA comes down to dollars and cents. Pursuing an MBA course after engineering is profitable as it gives higher pay. They also work and supervise the development team, solving problems as they arise and closely managing the scope so that deadlines are met on time. An MBA education is regarded as a finishing school amongst some engineers looking to boost their career further. Depending on what they are looking for, some engineers take up an MBA because they want to switch to finance, move to product management, climb up the ladder still within the engineering field or perhaps venture out and start their own company. Usually less number of startups hire fresh MBA grads, but try. Within the engineering field, more people have turned to getting a MBA to augment their technical expertise with an advanced degree in management. Additionally, they must stay up to date on developments in the field and often complete continuing education throughout their careers.

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