Stopping all violence and hate was the reason he joined the department. You can watch the interview this Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on the WBZ-TV Morning News. Gross says he’s seen his caucasian friends mistreated in the department as well. So what did Marty object to? And it touched off scathing reactions from, among others, City Councillor Andrea Campbell, who wrote: “to see our Police Commissioner shoulder-to-shoulder with someone who has enabled a lawless, racist president is not just disappointing, it’s disturbing.”, Added City Councillor Michelle Wu: “‘This is a disgrace to our city and a breach of trust to our communities.”, Gross issued a statement reading in part: “I would rather take the opportunity to educate someone on what we are doing in Boston on how we value and work with the community, and how we support our officers in this work, than close a door.”. The explosions killed 3 civilians and injured an estimated 264 others. “The way we viewed the police then was they weren’t approachable. He was Chief Evans’ right-hand man for the past four years, but before that (as a patrolman) was an instructor in the police academy and served in the gang and drug control units. Given the obvious desire of the president to blunt his decline in the polls by being seen reaching out to African-Americans even as he defends the police, we wondered: did Gross get used for a political photo-op? Throughout his career, Gross has been viewed as someone deeply engaged in community affairs from a street level and who shows his presence at protests over police shootings, reported the Boston Herald. “We look forward to sitting down with Commissioner Gross on ways to be partners in making the Boston Police Department the best in the nation.”, William Gross: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Stuck In Andover Dorm For Thanksgiving, NH Restaurant Fined $1,500 Over No Social Distancing, Masks, Country Store, Tavern Fined For Violating COVID Emergency Orders In NH. According to WBUR, a local radio station in Boston, the BPD has nearly 400 supervisor positions and only 68 of them are filled by minorities. Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the appointment of William Gross as the City of Boston's first African American Commissioner of the Boston Police Department (BPD), who will assume the duties and responsibilities of Commissioner William B. Evans who is set to retire from the Boston Police Department on Saturday, August 4. Gross: “I’ll be damned if I’m going to hide from a conversation with anyone.” A post shared by Ancient & Honorable (@ahac1638) on Aug 7, 2017 at 4:43pm PDT. I have no respect for Marty Walsh. “The perception out there is that you have to know people in power in order to be considered for these positions,” said Sgt. Larry Ellison, president of the organization, said the group has been disappointed in the past when not invited to any of the press conferences. “If you want change, be the change. Esp[ecially when Marty flies the Chinese Communist Flag at City Hall in Boston! William Gross is the City of Boston's first African American Commissioner. He then entered the Boston Police Cadet Program, becoming a Patrol Officer two years later. Powered by. “That’s a question you’ll have to ask the Commissioner,” says Walsh. Boston police officers had to be stationed inside South Boston High School, Charlestown High School and other Boston public schools to try to stop the violence during this time. Mayor Walsh told reporters that Gross’ hiring won’t “solve racism or the perception of racism in Boston,” but that it’s “one more step toward working toward a better society.”, #TributeTuesday #DennisSimmonds #Respect #GoneButNotForgotten '13 #BostonBombing #Marathon #RIP #Anniversary #GODBLESS #BostonStrong, A post shared by T G3 (@143_r3tro) on Apr 15, 2014 at 6:43am PDT. I see Marty is having flashbacks to his union thug days and threatening the police!!! Commissioner William Gross defends decision to meet with Attorney General William Barr. Gross Became The First Black Superintendent-in-Chief For The BPD in 2014. MAMLEO put out a statement this morning thanking Commissioner William Evans for his service and expressing delight over Mayor Walsh’s decision to appoint William Gross. Opposition to speaking to him by Michele Wu, Marty Walsh, and Maura Healey is outrageous and terribly close minded. Gross said that his ability to rise through the ranks despite experiencing prejudice came from his upbringing. Another blocked comment from the puppet Jon Keller. This is a great opportunity for some much needed transparency & reform. . It was a historic moment when Chief Evans appointed Gross to position of chief in 2014. In a press release Friday night, the Department of Justice said the purpose of Barr’s visit was, “to show the Administration’s strong support for law enforcement and seek the input of police leadership on a range of issues, including President Trump’s recent Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities, as well as other issues involving community relations, use of force, officer training, and officer wellness.”. More unfounded comments by the fools on the left, Campbell and Wu and by the fake leftist and closet racist Marty Wall. it just bolsters the confidence of repeat violent offenders.” Gross also told Boston 25 News, I’m just grateful.”. Boston police Commissioner William Evans is stepping down after nearly four decades with the department and he’s headed to Boston College as director of public safety. One of the bombers was killed, the other was captured, but Simmonds received a head injury after one of the suspects “tossed an explosive device toward him,” reported BPD News. He said, “When you release and keep releasing dangerous persons to the neighborhood. Gross is the first black commissioner in the city’s history. The protests of white citizens over the desegregation of schools in Boston escalated into street battles in 1974-75. . — Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) July 23, 2018. “My first mentor was Willis D. Saunders, a Tuskegee airman who became a Boston police officer [in 1956] and rose to the rank of deputy,” Gross said in an interview with Boston 25 News. William Gross was born in rural Maryland to a single mother, the middle of three children, and moved to Boston at the age of 12. Mayor Walsh introduced superintendent-in-chief William Gross as the new commissioner. Half of Boston’s residents are either black, Latino or Asian. On that day, Gross became the highest-ranking African American police officer in the history of the department. Views can change, but sometimes those being oppressed have to teach the oppressors,” said Gross. “This is a monumental moment in time. Makes one wonder doesn’t it? See The CBS Holiday Special Schedule, Forget Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown Is The Problem For Tom Brady's Offense In Tampa Bay, 4 Missing Fishermen Identified From Sunken Boat 'The Emmy Rose', Norwegian Company Believes 'Bubble Curtain' Could Reduce Impact Of Tropical Storms, Body Found In Florida Believed To Be Missing Mashpee Teen Jalajhia Finklea, 6 High School Students From Across U.S. He graduated from Boston Technical High School (now the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics & Science). That China video tapes all foreign dignitaries 24/7 when they travel to China? Boston Police Commissioner William Gross placed the blame for a “recent uptick in crime” squarely on early prisoner release in response to COVID. “It’s too soon to tell,” he said. The possibility that AG Barr could let slip some info on Marty and his trip to China a while back? “So I can’t judge it based on just an appointment. Deep Frying Turkey Mishap May Be Cause Of Fire That Destroyed 3 Homes, Waltham Police Warn Residents About Random Attacks In Recent Weeks, When Are Frosty & Rudolph On TV? It was Gross who first introduced the department to body cameras back in 2014. Evans, Gross Are A Dynamic Duo BOSTON - JANUARY 9: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans with his wife Terry on the left, as they leave the press conference. Late that night, Police Commissioner William O'Brien and Chief Inspector August Flath, who had spent months scathing McDonald's grand jury … The Boston Police Department is under new leadership. BOSTON (CBS/AP) — William Gross was sworn in Monday as Boston’s first black police commissioner.

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